Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Week.

It's now been a week since I was last in America. I've spent nearly 8 hours completely lost in the city just walking around, but that's really fun. I had my first "Americanized" food experience the other day when I stopped into McDonalds and bought a McBacon for 20 kroner. That's like $3.50. Everything's more expensive here, but that's what comes with a 60-70% tax rate. There are quite a few McD's and Burger Kings, and a couple Subways, but that's all I've seen from the corporate America food industry so far.

One surprise is the number of 7-11's they have here. I'd equate it to the number of Starbucks found in a mid-sized city. They're pretty expensive, but they are responsible for so much (e.g. My first night here I received my transport pass for the metro, bus, water cab, etc., and it had the wrong zones of use printed on it, so I took it to 7-11 and they fixed it).

Here's what's up: The Danes are the nicest people I've met. Having not played or handled a guitar in over 5 days, I was going through withdrawal, so I went up to a street musician to ask if he knew if any of the local music shops rented, and he just straight up offered to let me borrow one of his guitars for the semester, no questions asked. I pick it up from him Monday.

I'm taking 4 classes: Sustainable Development, Intro to Danish, Renewable Energy Systems, and Danish Politics and Society. Three of them on Monday/Thursday, and Danish Politics on Tuesday/Friday. Wednesdays are either off days, or field experience days for some classes.

Some upcoming events I'm looking forward to are a beer tasting at one of the oldest breweries in the Nordic region, a trip to Kronborg Castle (of Hamlet fame), and a Reggie Watts concert (tonight!).

Wind turbines woooo. Had to pay 25 kroner for this view of the city.

Statue in a public square.The iPhone 4S has a superb camera, no?

Also, Denmark is home to Lego. Here's one of the Lego stores here:

THIS IS MADE COMPLETELY OF LEGO'S. IT'S TALLER THAN ME. That mural on the right is also all Lego's.

That's all for now. Live long and prosper. If you feel like it.

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