Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey y'all. I accidentally a 5-hour nap on Sunday, so to counteract that and massive ongoing jetlag, I stayed up all night reading Kurt Vonnegut's last book and listening to Danish radio. Man do they love their smooth jazz. Anyways, due to this, I have not slept in 28.5 hours. Why am I writing now? Not sure, I'm frickin' exhausted. It's 8:45pm and I'm already turning in for the night. But I love you, dear reader, and you're reading this for a reason, no?

Being sleepless is an alright way to experience your first day in Copenhagen. It was great weather, about 32ºF all day, and finally sunny after raining my first two days. I got off the metro at the exact right spot, a whole hour earlier than I had to! The building I was looking for was literally across the street, and since I didn't know what it looked like I started walking in the opposite direction and then was forced to search København for it for about 55 minutes, getting me there right on time. Here's the DIS strings, they played some Ludwig Von, Lennon/McCartney, and the like:

They're playing Yellow Submarine; Hey Bulldog would have been so much cooler.
I ended up getting very lost in the city with some new friends from Colorado College. We went to a quaint little café where I got a chai latte and pain au chocolat.

It was really great finally meeting some native English speakers, something I had not experienced since 2.5 days ago in London. It was really lonely knowing I was on an entirely new continent where I literally knew only one other person (sup Colin) for that period.

After exchanging $25.00 for 110 Krones, I spent an hour looking for a bus that would take me home. I ended up getting off at the wrong stop because it was dark and I'm American. That set me back another 25 minutes making me 40 minutes late for 6 o'clock dinner.

Upon returning home I had my first meaningful experiences with my host family. We ordered pizza (they eat it with a fork and knife, and popular toppings include kielbasa, chili pepper, and hotdog) and watched the Denmark vs. Germany handball game, which is a very popular sport here. (I want to take this time to mention that when I wasn't sleeping last night I was watching the NFL playoffs with Danish commentators, which was great because of how excited they got over every play that went more than 7 yards).

Here are some cool buildings I took pictures of:

Here is the clothing store "Troelstrup" attempting to sell jeans by using firewood.

Now I am tired and will sleep after what is now 29 hours.

Goodnight from GMT+1. Over and out.


  1. Tyler,

    I really enjoyed your use of internet meme in your second sentence and i often eat my pizza with a fork and knife. In fact i often see John and Terry do it too. Maybe my family is secretly danish, who knows? It seems your having a jolly old time, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and your journey towards truth.

    Yours Truly,

  2. Smooth jazz?!?!?!?!

    It is like Denmark is the new home of 107.3 The Waaaaa-eh-aaave!