Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Leaving Tomorrow But I Could Leave Today (Hey Hey Woody Guthrie I Wrote You a Song...)

Well. It's happening. It really came out of nowhere. I lived life up to the very last point possible of my winter break, complete with an $88.00 final dinner and a Friday morning I won't soon forget. At noon I began packing the 2nd half of my things and 6 hours later I've said my farewells to my parents and I'm waiting at my gate. Doesn't feel at all like a month's gone by since finals week.

Break was a whirlwind.

My travels from here take me Cleveland>Chicago>London>Copenhagen. Chicago O'Hare is closed at the moment due to heavy snowfall, so in typical fashion my first flight is on mega-delay. It was supposed to leave at 5pm, got pushed back to 7, and now we're waiting on an update as to when the flight will actually leave. As of this writing it is 7:10. Departure is no time soon it seems.

Assuming all actually works out (lol), I'll be in Copenhagen tomorrow at 5pm local time (11am EST) where my host family will pick me up from the airport. For now, I'm stuck at gate A-1 in Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, listening to a Myanmar gentleman speaking Burmese loudly into his mobile with an authoritative tone, wondering if I should start drinking now or in Chicago.

Please listen to this song by Bob Dylan, preformed by him and George Harrison in 1970:

Here's a picture of my Dad and Me right before going through security:

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