Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cleveland is the Reason.

I don't leave Cleveland till the 20th. I actually found out recently that I should have made plans to leave the 21st, because pretty much no one in Copenhagen wants anything to do with me to the 22nd. So, alas, my first night overseas will be spent on the chilled streets of a local to which I know nothing of, desolate, left on my own to incur the peril and jeopardy that await me on the frozen thoroughfares of a bare, Nordic town. Or in a hostel.

Anyways, these days I'm spending my time in bed till 3 in the afternoon, eating mini-ravioli at 4am (seriously, the last 3 nights), and watching fringe television shows on Netflix that I normally wouldn't have time for. Man, Netflix better work in Denmark, you know?

13 days before I leave. Lots to do. Danmark.

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