Thursday, February 13, 2014

København: A Retrospective Two Years In The Making

Revisiting this blog today as I plan for a new adventure into Canada and Alaska, it pained me to be reminded that I never shared my thoughts, feelings, and new worldviews that came from my time abroad. Please do not read the following unless you go into it knowing that it will not carry the same tone as the rest of this blog. It is the fragile thoughts of a more experienced individual who feels the need to reflect.

 Two years ago to the minute I would have been waking up for a long morning of class, Sustainability in Europe with Kasper, Danish Language and Culture with Nina, Renewable Energy Systems with Carlos. Following class I would have walked down Støget, purchased some China Box, a pølsen, or a wienerbrød, and then done some reading for Danish Politics near the fountain at Gammeltorv. I remember every last detail of my average day. I fell in love. With a place. With someone incredibly special. With an idea. With adventure. It was the first time I ever felt on my own, yet I was surrounded with people that I'll never forget. These were the best days of my life. I do not mean to be sappy. I do not mean to say there aren't better days ahead. But there is a reason I will talk your ear off about my time abroad at any chance I get: It can never be recreated. And as much as this notion pained me for the last year, it now is a source of empowerment.

It is why I yearn to travel. It is the fertilization of an undying wanderlust. I don't aim to recreate; I can't see myself ever returning to Copenhagen with expectations of a similar experience. Nothing would come of that but (hopefully) a positive reflection.

Traveling, to me, is for new creation. Memories to pile on to the old, though at the same time the old don't get buried. Did I apologize for sappiness already?

I figure I have already lived over 25% of my life, and it was largely devoid of experiences outside of Ohio for its first 20 years. Is my need to go new places a reaction to this? Absolutely. In a way, I am thankful for this lack of adventure in my early days, because it let traveling be something new at a time where I could fully appreciate it, opposed to when I was more numb in my adolescence.

So I go onward. Thank you for reading; it truly means the world.

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  1. "Fortune sides with he who dares." And you are daring to live.

    These are not sappy words or feelings. This is thoughtful. These are words of someone who as experienced a small part of what this world, and life have to show us. Of someone who will now not settle for anything less than experiencing more.

    Not sappy, thoughtful and inspirational. Know that.
    And know that you have reached someone.